Cutting edge technologies for animal research. Biotechnological solutions for product development and diagnostics. A leading veterinary CRO.

Imunova is a one-stop-shop for animal research and product testing, from experimental protocol development to result analysis and data publishing.

We provide services to animal breeders and to the associated veterinary industries. Research protocols are developed to enhance the understanding on the use of animal husbandry
practices, feed additives, vaccines, growth enhancers, therapeutics and so on.

Imunova´s laboratory structure is dedicated to analysing the effects of these interventions on  animals. High tech laboratory methods are at the service of the veterinary industry: flow cytometry, fluorometry, next-generation sequencing, protein research methods. Animal research is conducted at the highest standards: HEPA-filtered air isolators for controlled infections, laboratory-grade pen housing for other conditions, an exclusive team for field

Through a dedicated R&D team, Imunova also develops novel products in the fields of diagnostics and biological therapeutics. Advanced pipelines of research include an  electrochemical biosensor for point-of-care diagnostics and a biological treatment for canine atopic dermatitis.